Fucked Up Fuck Yea

It might not be Friday but we are still fucked up… FUCK YEA…

See there rest of the series here.

9-11 September 11 Fuck Yea

Free Money Fuck Yea

Dropped Food Accident Averted Fuck Yea

Woke Up On Time Without Alarm Fuck Yea

Just Down The Stairs Perfectly Fuck Yea

Bitches Want Me But I Deny Them Fuck Yea

Rage Fuck Yea

Stopped Microwave One Second From Beeping Fuck Yea

Be Quiet In The Library NO THANKS Fuck Yea

Bitches Want Me Fuck Yea

Exact Amount of Money To Buy Shades Fuck Yea


Epic Beard Man Fuck YeaDelayed Fuck YeaOver 9000 Teacher Fuck Yea

DOW2 Space Marines Own Fuck Yea

Open Book To Exact Page Fuck Yea

Guess Exact Number of Jelly Beans Fuck Yea

Not Going To Be Late Because It's Sunday Fuck Yea

Stare Down Luigi Fuck Yea

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J.A. Laraque

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