Fantasy Earth Zero Beta Begins Today

Fantasy Earth Zero
Fantasy Earth Zero

Fantasy Earth Zero beta starts today and will run through March 10th, during the beta there will be several in-game events including a GM War and a Q&A session with the GM’s. Also when you sign up you can choose an in-game item to add to your account.

This beta is ran though Gamepot and you will need to create a free account to join the beta. You can get full details on the FEZ beta here.

Here is a breakdown of Fantasy Earth Zero’s features:

Robust Character Customization: FEZ provides nearly endless opportunities to create unique characters, allowing gamers to tailor their Fantasy Earth Zero experience as much – or as little – as they like.

• Anime-inspired, energetic art style: Breathtaking, high-quality graphics from the unmatched skill of Square Enix artists.

• Three Distinct Classes: The Power of a Warrior, The prodigious skills of a Mage, and the impeccable aim of an Archer are yours to command.

Five Unique Kingdoms Vying for Allegiance:
The Kingdom of Netzawar: The brave Lion King Huenkel commands these warriors, driven by a selfless love of battle..
The United Kingdom of Cesedria: Led by the beautiful elf, Queen Tiffarith, these fighters are dedicated to protection.
The Gerburand Empire: A nation forged from endless wars, Emperor Lyle Geburand leads his people in a war of conquest.
The Kingdom of Ielsord: Led by King Niass, These brilliant warriors live by one creed: Knowledge is Power,
The Kingdom of Hordaine: This youthful country is led by the gorgeous Queen Wadritte, in a battle for her ideals.

• Breath-taking Battlegrounds: Wage war in cities, the countryside, snow fields, grasslands, and across day, dusk and night.

• Hyper-Active Battle System: From 5v5 up to 50v50 player-versus-player (PvP) action in multiple battlegrounds, Fantasy Earth Zero is more akin to an action game than a traditional RPG. It’s an experience that puts the control of a multiple nation war directly into the player’s hands. Fast-paced action where players dodge, attack and use their skill and resources to win battles and change the tide of war.

• Voice Acting: 5 Kings, 5 leaders, 5 distinctive voices. Your chosen king will encourage you on and off the battlefield, monitor your overall progress, as well as give sound advice to emerge victorious.

Music by Hitoshi Sakimoto: Best known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, Hitoshi Sakimoto has composed soundtracks for more than 70 games, arranged music for more than 40 others and now lends his unique talent to Fantasy Earth Zero.

• Website Stat-Tracking: Check out your wins, losses, kill/death ratio and more online!

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