Family Gamer TV Show Launches August 29th


A brand new online television show will be launching at the end of the month featuring various gaming families. Family Gamer TV will cover games from a family’s perspective and will be filmed in a 15-minute chat show format.

Expertise is provided by veteran gamer Andy Robertson while newcomers are represented on the show by guest families who are getting started with gaming.

The first season of ten shows will be published via’s GeekDad blog and on a purpose built FamilyGamerTV YouTube channel These will air from late August and culminated with a Christmas special mid-November.

Each week the show will suggest titles for those new to gaming as well as reviewing the latest releases. It is rounded off by a Gaming Surgery where viewer’s questions are answered by the family gaming panel.

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For details of FGTV sponsorship and advertising opportunities please contact the show producer via email:

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