Your Epic Gaming moment Contest

Your Epic Gaming moment Contest

We’ve all had them, the tale that you tell your friends and maybe your children. It might have been a game you have been trying to beat and finally defeated that last boss. Perhaps you were going for an achievement that was really hard and finally got it. Sometimes an epic gaming moment can just be a really great night gaming with friends, but often it is taking down another player online or in person in versus competitions.

My Story

I had a lot of epic gaming moments, but one that really stuck out for me was in World of Warcraft. I was in a guild with a number of friends and we decided to start fresh on a new server. This was still early in WOW, so there was no expansion yet.

world of warcraft zone, molten core

We had gotten to Molten Core and have been trying to beat the end boss for some time. One day the guild leader said that today was the day we would beat the boss and so we started the fight and as we began he played this over the Ventrilo channel.

[youtube id=”0jgrCKhxE1s” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Sure, it was geeky, but we loved it and it did get us focused and fired up. Not only did we beat the boss, but we beat it just as the song was ending, it was awesome, it was perfect, for me, it was epic.

The Contest

We want to hear your epic story, but we know how people are about posting anywhere expect Reddit and Facebook so we added an incentive. SteelSeries is sponsoring our contest to find the top epic gaming moments from you, the fans of Obsolete Gamer.

It’s simple, post a comment telling us your epic gamer moment in the comment section below. Post using your Facebook login so we can find you to send the prize. Over the next week we will read them all and decide on the best. The top three will receive SteelSeries swag. Here are the three price levels.

The Swag


Top Prize: Steelseries-5hv3 Gaming Headset


Runner up Prize: Steelseries-3hv2 Gaming Headset


Third Prize: The Steelseries OcK+ Pro Gaming Surface

The Requirements

To win you have to post your story here, we cannot accept it posted anywhere else. In addition, you need to be a fan of the Obsolete Gamer Facebook Page and the Steel Series Facebook Page. Our team will pick the top three and announce the winners via our Facebook Page. The contest is only for people in the U.S. We will sent you the prize once we get in contact with you.

So what’s your story?

The contest ends this Friday April 25th at Midnight Eastern so post your stories now!

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