Earthworm Jim


One of the games that really made me come back for more was Earth Worm Jim. There is nothing more fun than playing as a worm in a super suit! This game has a little bit of everything, but most of all, crazy monsters! The game is pretty long if you die a lot of times(like me) but fun overall. I really love a game with animation and wackiness all over it because it sort of cheers you up. It’s pretty hard to explain! I’m not sure how to say it but when you play a game full of animation and weird characters, it sort of takes you back to your childhood…a simpler time…


Anyways, the game is also packed in with a bonus level where you race to the end against this bird dude(forgot his name) and if you win, you get a continue, at least that’s what I though the can of worms was.

So this is it….not much more to say except get a copy of this game and keep the retro gaming hobby alive! You won’t regret the hilarious conclusion this game brings. Also, don’t forget about the sequel which is as good!

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Luis Zena

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4 thoughts on “Earthworm Jim

  • I just bought part 2 to this at the local used games shop. I forgot how awesome these games were.

  • Yeah it's a fun series overall. Too bad for part 3 but a lot of games failed from their transfer from 2D to 3D. Bubsy was another victim although I like part 1 better than part 2

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