Did you know: Sonic had a Girlfriend?

madonna in a red dress

Did you know: Sonic had a Girlfriend?

It’s true our favorite blue hedgehog originally had a girlfriend named Madonna that was to appear in the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. Madonna was described as a blonde haired skinny human woman in a form-fitting red dress.

Apparently Madonna was to chase Sonic around kind of like Amy Rose does in some of the current Sonic games. She was created by Hirokazu Yasuhara, but Madonna eventually was scrapped due in large part to Madeline Schroeder and her wanting to soften the Sonic character for children. She also felt it would appeal better to foreign countries without Madonna feeling that character felt to “Japanese”.

Other Sonic Facts

Sonic and MJ

In addition to losing his girlfriend Sonic originally was to be part of a rock band and only 15 years old. I am beginning to see a pattern here. His shoes were inspired by a pair of Michael Jackson’s boots and the reason Sonic died when he fell in water is because Sonic programmer, Yuji Naka mistakenly thought that hedgehogs could not swim.

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