Did you know: MegaMan X and Guns N Roses

megaman x5- guns n roses

Did you know: MegaMan X and Guns N Roses

New series that hopefully will add some super geek knowledge to your classic gaming history database. Here we will inform you on the little facts and tidbits about classic games that you might not have known about.

This week we ask, did you know MegaMan X and Guns N Roses have something in common? You may or may not know that a good deal of classic video game tracks were based on songs that the game maker or music composer liked. In some instances if you listen closely and have a comparative track, you can even directly hear the similarity in the songs.

In MegaMan X3 if you listen to the Neon Tiger Stage you will discover that it sounds a lot like the Guns N Roses song, My Michelle.

[mp3j track=”Guns-N-Roses-My-Michelle.mp3″]

[mp3j track=”Mega-Man-X3-Neon-Tiger-Stage.mp3″]


It seems that the love of Guns N Roses must have been big because in MegaMan X5 most of the bosses are named after their members.

Axle the Red is Axl Rose, Duff McWhalen is Duff McKagen, Izzy Glow is Izzy Stradlin and Grizzly Slash is Slash. We were curious why GnR was so prominent in X5 so we did a little research and found this explanation from Alyson Court MegaMan X5’s translator:

“Apparently the localization (text editing) I did for a Capcom game is *famous*. Er, make that infamous. Who knew? My then husband was responsible 4 text localization. He asked me 2 do it &, since he was a GnR fan, I changed the names 2b GnR references.

I didn’t know the game nor did I know how mad fans would be that I’d changed the characters’ names. But year’s later people now like it! My ex-husband had his own company, GenAzea, which did localization for many Capcom games. I did a lot of that work. At first my hubby laughed & liked it [the GnR names]. Then when fans started complaining he got mad at me. I meant well.”

I guess in the end it was not so much based on Capcom love of GnR, but we still find it interesting none the less.

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