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Deprivation Chamber – The new dark ambient artist

Deprivation Chamber is an upcoming dark ambient artist from the Czech Republic. Imagine a sound much like early Delerium, only less restricted by the usual conventions of music. That is to say, expect eerie tones set to a broken rhythm, a rhythm much like the itinerate drip from a basement water pipe.

However, unlike Delerium, the music never strays beyond the periphery. Tracks like The Beauty of Numbers embody just what one wants from this genre. Ambient music should provide a background to which one can sit in contemplation, read, or surf the web without distraction. There is no defined beat prompting you to tap your toes. There are no distinct voices calling for your attention.

On the other hand, one may choose to listen closely and allow the tones to carry one off into the land of waking dreams. Being a dark ambient artist, Deprivation Chamber is considerably less cheery than the more well known Enigma. The focus is less on danceability and more on atmosphere, sounding more like the score to a futuristic horror film.

The artist’s name reflects the music well, not so much in a claustrophobic sense as in a general sense of isolation. A deprivation chamber removes the individual from the phenomenal world. In an isolation tank a person is left with only their own being, seemingly alone in the universe. The music by Deprivation Chamber has a similar effect, helping sever the earthly bonds so the individual can explore the self more freely.

Deprivation Chamber is a return to the very early days of the industrial music scene, a movement more in line with experimentation than pounding rhythms or distorted guitars.  In short, Deprivation Chamber has more in common with Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire than Nine Inch Nails. Expect the debut EP, Urban Decay, some time soon.

Urban Decay as a title truly defines the sounds of Deprivation Chamber. For instance, Crossing the Line features bass wind, an oscillating grind of metal on metal, and the clicking of what could be footsteps on a broken floor. The whole conveys an image of one strolling about an abandoned subway or train station, each sound reverberating off every wall and corridor. In sum, Deprivation Chamber is deeply atmospheric.

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