Commercial Wars: Best use of Parents

nuclear bomb mushroom cloud explosion
nuclear bomb mushroom cloud explosion

Brand new Sunday feature where we pit three game related commercials against each other. You check them out and vote on which you think is the winner based on the category of the week. This week the category is: Best use of Parents.

We all know that parents are still the key to a lot of game sales in the U.S. so the use of parents in commercial is important. At one point or another everyone has used parents to get their point across using humor and other means. So we present you with three commercials that use parents, you choose which was the best in the poll below.

PlayStation 3: Desperate Dad

This commercial features a dad that tries hard to get his kids to play with him, but let’s face it unless he’s good at Street Fighter IV he should stick to watching MSNBC.

Nintendo: Addiction

Here the theme is addition where two parents talk about their sons fall in the deep dark hole of addition.

Sega: Kid Chameleon

The votes need to come in

Alright, here is your chance to vote. Which commercial made the best use of parents?

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One thought on “Commercial Wars: Best use of Parents

  • The Nintendo Addiction commercial is the best but the Sega Kid Chameleon commercial captures the reality of parents being oblivious to their children.

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