Command & Conquer 4 Beta going public soon

Command & Conquer 4
Command & Conquer 4

Fans of the RTS can rejoice, EA’s Aaron Kaufman, better known as community manager Apoc, released the following on the C&C twitter page.

“C&C 4 beta will be going PUBLIC very soon, every RTS fan in the world can give CNC 4 MP a test-drive,” Apoc wrote.

That tweet was followed up by another stating that more information would be forthcoming shortly:

“Regarding the C&C 4 Public Beta, it will be done in conjunction with Gamespot, details on our official website this week.”

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is due out on March 16, it has been in closed beta for quite some time with access available to both those who pre-ordered the game and those who guessed the eventual subtitle – Tiberian Twilight – correctly.

The multiplayer beta allowed selected folks to try out the new 5 versus 5 gameplay modes, the new units, the persistent leveling and more. However the beta was restricted to GameSpot’s Total Access members that meant if you wanted in you would have had to fork over the $5.95 monthly fee.

There are more than a few members of the Obsolete gamer staff looking forward to this and we will have a review up soon. For more news and information on C&C 4, check out the official site here.

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