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Charlie Sheen Winning Recipes

Charlie Sheen Winning Recipes

You ever get the feeling you are being trolled? Everyone knows about Charlie Sheen and the issue with Two and a Half men and the drinking, drugs, women and gambling. We saw Charlie do a bunch of interviews with the media where people called him crazy, but is he?

Ever think he is just trolling us all. Perhaps he did have an issue with CBS and yes we know he is a lot like his character on his show, but did he lose his mind or is he just making himself more famous than he already was?

Either way, his videos are great and this one about Charlie Sheen cooking is proof of just how awesome this guy is. The man knows how to do a YouTube skit and he knows how to market himself. Rock on Charlie, you are a smarter man than your critics.

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J.A. Laraque

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