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Captain Tsubasa 3 - Box

This time around I will suggest any of you to pick up a copy of Captain Tsubasa 3 for the Super Famicom. This game is unique in many ways. The most unique way this game separates from any other game is because it has a Soccer/RPG genre glued to it. How can this work together you say? Well the geniuses at Tecmo did it with high success.

Many people who have played the whole saga throughout the years will tell you that this is the one everyone must have in their collection. The game plays very simple as you receive the ball and then use the d-pad to move around the soccer field. The bottom of the screen has a radar look since it shows where you and your team mates are as well as the other team. Once you approach a member of the other team you will encounter him and will have to make a decision on what you want to do. In some cases, you can try and dribble the ball past by him although this will depend on how good the player holding the ball is. You can also pass it to another team member among other things.

Captain Tsubasa 3 - Gameplay Screenshot

Overall, there is a lot of interesting aspects to this game including a player vs player mode where you can go against a friend with the games’ all stars. I highly recommend this game as well because of the fantastic soundtrack it holds. If you are still unsure you want to pick this game up, I suggest you try the rom via-emulator and see for yourself if this game is worth the money.

Did you know? This game has been hacked into various versions including one that was translated to Spanish? One day I’ll find a copy to show the world!

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