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BT, Talk Talk and Ipaq Pocket PC batteries are all bastards

Gah, BT, they have sent me a letter telling my that my BT Unlimited Broadband is now limited to 40 gig a month, further, they will charge me £1 per gig over this. At the same time they have also switched off their download usage monitor.

It’s a license to print money. You can imagine the conversation –

BT “You owe us £23”
Me “Who says”
BT “We do”
Me “Can I have an itemised bill of the usage, say, per day?”
BT “No, just give us the money”
Me “How can I tell if you are telling the truth?”
BT “You can trust us.”
Me “No, I really cannot”
BT “Well, there is loads of free software that monitors your usage”
Me “Oh, that’s good, and if there is a discrepancy between what you say and what my usage monitor says, which will be used to calculate my bill?”
BT “Which do you think”
Me “Oh well, thanks for that, I think I will take my custom elsewhere”
BT “It’s a free market, try Talk Talk, hahaha”

The bastards, they must of heard I was switching to Talk Talk, of course that was back in April 06, I’ve been waiting ever since. (They were quick enough to fucking charge me”

In other “Fucking hell” news, I needed a new battery for my Ipaq Pocket PC (No I am not a tosser, I was given it), So I went on on-line and found a new one, £17, not a bad deal I thought, and ordered it.

Whilst waiting I again went online to get the instructions for how to replace it, fairly simple procedure, the only difficulty I had was the required screwdriver, a Torx T6 star screwdriver to be precise, I did not have one. So back on-line and the only one in the UK was £9, fuck that I thought, I must be able to get one from a shop, so I spent the next few hours travelling from DIY shop to Car shops to Home Improvement Hyper Markets, nothing, eventually went Halfords where you have to empty your wallet out into a large bin outside the door, just to save time, anyway, at last I found one, T6 Torx screwdriver, sadly it was part of a precision screwdriver kit, £15, well I thought, I would rather pay £15 for a set then £9 just for 1, so I paid and waited patiently for battery to arrive.

And arrive it did, the next day.

Guess what was packaged along with the battery.


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