Breath of Fire III


This week we are a little late with the releases but working on getting on track. This time around we have Breath of Fire 3 for the Playstation. This is truly a classic by Capcom as they got things right and better from the two previous games. As the cover says, “The Classic Role Playing Game”. This is surely a classic you won’t want to miss. Lets look at it more specifically.


The music is a true joy to listen to. It really makes you feel the mood of the game as if you are either in danger or in a town and need to relax and buy supplies. This is one of the great things that Capcom did with their games especially such classics as Mega Man 2 and Street Fighter 2. If there is something Capcom can do well is a masterful soundtrack.
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For the year it was released, the graphics were really good. Have in mind that games such as Final Fantasy VII came out in the same year but if we compare them, Final Fantasy VII took millions of dollars to develop while Breath of Fire 3 was probably nowhere near that. There is still lots to love as the dungeons are nice and crisp as well as character animation and your surrounding environment. Well done Capcom.


Gameplay is quite fun and moderate. You’ll have to do lots of leveling up and exploring in this game in order to be able to advance. This is what an RPG is mainly about, you go to a dungeon, level up, and move on. Some enemies can be very troublesome so it’s up to you to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. This is what keeps the game interesting and very rewarding.
Like any RPG you’ll want to discover everything there is or if you missed something. Due to the length of RPGs you’ll want to make time for another run as it’ll take you 40+ hours to beat the game. If you are willing to do that, be my guest! You are going to love it either way.

Overall, this is an incredible classic that is not mentioned that often. I wish they did things right on the PS2 but they fell short and we haven’t heard anything from this series since then. Lets hope Capcom doesn’t forget about it! It’s quite good. Be sure to pick this game up and part IV as well because it’s just as good!

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