Black Shot Closed Beta Giveaway

Black Shot banner
Black Shot banner

Another day another Closed Beta Key giveaway, the free beta key pro’s over at have over 1200 keys to giveaway. You will need to create an account and login to get the key but it is free to do so, head on over to their page to sign up.

About Black Shot

We are proud to present to you Black Shot! Black Shot is a tactical MMOFPS which plays in a distant future and let you join an end world scenario which is scaring! You can take over the role of one of the mercenaries who is working for the biggest mercenary cooperation “Black Shot”. Those mercenary are hired by other cooperation’s or military fractions to fight for their interest!


Game Features
Black Shot is a tactical MMOFPS which let you enjoy intense PVP battles with many different objectives and in many different areas of the world in 2033. By fighting in your team and fulfilling different tasks you will gain Black Shot Points (BP) and Experience (EXP) which you can use to advance your character in level, gears, available weapons and more important, access to some very important tactic skills which might save you from being downed!

  • PC Online MMOFPS
  • Free to Play
  • Advanced 3D graphics
  • Different characters with different abilities to choose in start
  • 25 strategic maps including broken cities or ICBM shelters
  • RPG based level system
  • 4 different game modes (S&D, TFM, TDM and the unique Bunker Defense)
  • Clan- and build in Community system
  • Mastery Weapon System
  • Weapon upgrade system
  • 75 different weapons (assault rifles, SMG, sidearm)
  • 51 different gear items (helmets, rappel gears, suits, etc
  • 23 special bonus items
  • 17 premium packs (items, bundles, etc)
  • and much more to come

For more information about Black Shot, please visit the official website!

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