Arcade at the flea market

Well as we took a break from shopping last Sunday, we decided to check out the arcade inside the flea market. It was awesome! Lots of different machines! Also, some misleading ones…check it out!

Classic Arcade - Ms Pac-Man Cabinet

This is a very misleading arcade game. You can see that donkey kong is the game in it instead of the Pac Man game….I want my quarter back!

Classic Arcade - Arcade Cabinets
More machines around here.

Classic Arcade - Die Hard, King of the Fighters and california Speed
and more…
Classic Arcade - House of the Dead and Gauntlet Legends
even more…
Classic Arcade - X-Men versus Street fighter and Jurassic Park III
and more..

Me and my friend ended up playing some Die Hard game which was really fun. I also played Xmen vs Street Fighter but the buttons didn’t work that well so I lost real fast…oh well…

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