8 Eyes

8 Eyes

8 Eyes

   This game is more of a Castlevania clone for pro gamers. You won’t find an easy way out of this game and you’ll definitely be crying over and over as to why you couldn’t find a certain way or reach a certain points. This game is painful and not only do you have to worry about your health but also of your bird’s health! Enjoy the ride….
     The music of this game is enchanting and will make you feel the atmosphere of impossible gaming! Yup, the music of at least the first part of the game is pretty much the horn of sound to your funeral. If you get through it, god bless!
     The graphics are actually awesome! The game itself looks beautiful and it does look well made. If the difficulty wasn’t such a big problem then you would be able to appreciate the pixels more often! Very well done by Taxan!
     The gameplay is as tough as you’ll find. I guess you can’t say it’s Battletoads tough but more like a very tough side scroller that you don’t want to play again. The game has decent controls but the monsters come from all places! You can’t find yourself in a good position at most of the times. Your bird doesn’t help much, you are at a loss!! HELPPP!!!
     Games like these aren’t as good to come back to unless you for some apparent reason fall in love with it. The game is too tough to have the will to come back to it. Check it out if you dare!

The game itself is just a decent Castlvania clone if anything. The difficulty may make it very tough to play through but if you are a real pro, you can over look it. Check it out at your own risk!

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