The Arcade Room

Q Bert Arcade Flash Game

Developed by Atari, Q*Bert was released to arcades in 1982. The game has a 3D look to it, but it is a 2D platform game which mixes puzzle solving with an action-type chase game. You control Q*Bert by jumping from cube to cube changing its color and once you change all the cubes color you advance. However, there are enemies that try to stop you and you cannot kill them, you can only run from them and use the flying discs on the side of the board to travel to the top of the pyramid. There are also balls that drop from the top, a red one kills Q*Bert while a green one stuns all the enemies on the board.

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My Experiences: EA Sports Tester

Then a panel interview where I chatted with three people. I remember being asked if I could remember what the interviewers names were and I only could remember the chick’s name. Again, typical. I was told I had the job and I had to come in Monday morning for a week of training which consisted of learning the bug database and learning from the previous year’s titles. At the end of the week we got our assignments and I was on the NCAA team for PS2. We all felt sorry for the guy who was given Madden for Game Boy Advance.

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A chat with Q*bert programmer Warren Davis

“Acting is something I started doing in college for fun, and at the time I was hired by Gottlieb, I was also studying and performing improv comedy in Chicago,” he said. “Luckily, I was always able to fit in acting on nights and weekends while my day job was making video games. After a few years, I found myself working in bigger and better theatres and eventually realized that it was something of a second career. Nowadays, I’m more interested in acting and directing than writing software, although I still dabble on software projects that interest me.”

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