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Bomb Jack

One of the best features of Bomb Jack is its scoring system. As soon as you grab your first bomb on any given stage, another bomb will start fizzing. A fizzing bomb is called a Fire Bomb and collecting one will then cause another to start fizzing, and so on. Collecting a fire bomb gives you double the points of a normal bomb and if you collect more than twenty of them in one round you’ll receive a large bonus at the end of it, increasing to fifty thousand points if you manage to collect all 23 of them.

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Company Representatives

Kim Soares: Nitro Games

For me, classic means something from 1980’s. From that era, Faery Tale was the most mind altering experience (along with Elite, of course). I still remember first reading a review that told about the huge game world and freedom to go anywhere. The experience was nothing short of profound. It was like all the confines of games had been removed. To top everything were excellent graphics, music and audio that the new Amiga 500 could produce on screen.

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Motivational Monday: Knock Offs

I really don’t want to call this game a knock off because I owned both it and the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A that it was released for, but it was loosely based on Pac-Man. The cool thing was the differences including the fact that you were trying to connect links to form a chain not eat dots. Also the ghosts in the game, called Hoono’s change from level to level. As the game continues your enemy gets much faster than you and their vulnerability time is greatly reduced.

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