Chris Garcia


New project aims to preserve the history of video game landmarks

I had to pay a visit. I was pleased to see that both buildings are still in fantastic shape, and still look almost identical to pictures and news clips I would see back in the day. 1165 Borregas is empty but very well maintained, and looks almost identical to the photo that appeared in 1983 book Screen Play: The Story of Video Games by George Sullivan (one of the hundreds of books and magazines in my historical collection of the industry). 1196 Borregas looks identical to photos found in many old Play Meter Magazines and a YouTube video clip that I found since the visit.

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Ten Questions: Computer History Museum

There are also four interactive stations where visitors can play classic games such as Adventure, Pong, Pac-Man and SpaceWar!. One of the key things to me about the Gaming Gallery is that it looks at games of all kinds, but it also includes pieces of gaming ephemera to show that it wasn’t just about the games themselves, but about how they were marketed and packaged.

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