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Cracked Games: Soul Blade

Soul Blade - Title ScreenCracked Games: Soul Blade

Fighters are usually good games but when it comes to pirate fighters, that’s a different story. Soul Blade for the SNES does not make any justice for the real deal. It was a nice attempt while it lasted but that’s about everything it is accounted for. The game is a clone of the Tekken game but at this point it could have been the other way around. You have the fighters and lame music so you know you are playing something very crappy and unless you are blind and willing to do whatever you feel like with the controller, you are in for a nasty ride.

Soul Blade - Gameplay Screenshot 1

The game is quite difficult to control. You are trying to pull a move when the opponent keeps on hitting you over and over without any chance of a counter attack. The only moment you are able to counter is when your life is almost non-existent and you are on the floor. Even then the opponent will jump on you and finish you off. Most of the time you have to jump back and get away from your crazy opponent as you are not able to try anything without any distance. There are combos to pull but they are just very difficult. I only suggest you play through this game if you are a hardcore Soul Blade fan.

Soul Blade - Gameplay Screenshot 2

The game delivers very little satisfaction and more frustration than even the Tekken title. I don’t want to keep on bashing on this game but there are just things that should be fixed before releasing any kind of game. These games are just too difficult for its own good and this is coming from a fellow who can play through TMNT for the NES with no problems. If you are willing to take the challenge, I dare you!

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