Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo
Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

To call yourself a classic gamer you would have to have beaten at least one of the old Castlevania games. In my opinion if you didn’t beat both Super Castlevania and Symphony of the Night your classic gamer resume is seriously lacking.

However, there is a new generation of gamers out there who may have heard of Castlevania but never really played it and that is the audience Konami is targeting with their upcoming title, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

LOS introduces us to Gabriel whose wife was murdered and is on a quest surrounding two holy masks that are infused with special powers. LOS doesn’t follow any specific Castlevania timeline and it is not yet clear if Gabriel is related to anyone from the Belmont clan, but he does have the trademark chain whip and use of daggers and holy water.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo
Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo

From what we learned a change in gameplay with LOS will be that platforming and navigating the in-game environment will be more important than ever. Our hero will be using his whip to latch onto object and pull himself from place to place when he’s not scaling the walls of castles and the faces of cliffs.

Now what immediately stands out are the graphics, the in game visuals are incredible, not only are they stunning but they move fast and fluid. LOS will be using the Mercury Engine which Konami hopes will bring them frames of 30 or higher. Add to that over one hour of cut-screens with one being over fourteen minutes long that unravel the story giving you a cool, engrossing cinematic experience.

LOS will also feature stylized QuickTime sequences that the developers tell us will be different than how they have been used in the past, but unfortunately we do not have any more information than that at the moment.

It’s not just graphics either; did we mention that within the numerous cut-scenes will be Hollywood talent voice actors from icons like Patrick Stewart?

This definitely is a game to watch even if you never heard of Castlevania and the good news is it will be released for both the X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 this year. As more information is released we will bring it to you including a full review once we get our hands on the finished product. In the meantime check out the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer.

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