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When I was a child I had my tonsils taken out, sadly they botched it leaving a remnant of tonsil which from time to time gets infected and swells up incredibly painfully. About 6 years ago I had particularly nasty episode and I was unable to swallow anything, the pain was excruciating to the point where I was in tears. My wife, a nurse decided I needed to go casualty.

After a couple of hours sitting around spitting into a handkerchief (anyone who has had bad tonsillitis would relate to this) A student doctor saw me and after a few seconds decided that I had a abscess in my throat. I patiently explained that although it may look like a abyss it was in fact a remnant tonsil and I need antibiotics. He looked again and told me that it was defiantly an abscess that required lancing, and that it may sting for a second but once he had extracted the puss the pain would dissipate. With this he produced a 8″ needle. I opened my mouth and he slowly pricked the abyss and pulled out the plunger, but instead of puss, blood came out. “Oh” he said, “you know you may be right, it could be an inflamed tonsil” Of course I only found out what he said later when my wife told me, because at the moment he pricked the tonsil my throat bloomed into blinding white hot agony and I passed out for several minutes. When I awoke the doctor had vanished and a nurse was about to administer antibiotics.

Given the choice I would gladly go through this experience again rather than sit through the bowel rippingly hideous film that BloodRayne is.


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J.A. Laraque

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