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The game itself does challenge your brain so if you think this is just something you pick up and beat in a few moments, think again. ~J.A. Laraque


Independent games may be the last place to find true innovation and people who really care about gameplay over dollars. I was lucky enough to try out an interesting puzzle game called, AardBloxX. Now the name might have thrown me, but the game challenged the hell out of me. Perhaps my puzzle gaming skills are lacking and if I was a lesser man I would give this game low scores because I could not do as well as I thought I should.

AardbloxX Gameplay Screenshot

AardBloxx is a 3D puzzle game that has a Tetris feel to it. The game itself does challenge your brain so if you think this is just something you pick up and beat in a few moments, think again. On the main screen, you are looking down from an overhead position at a square room or field. You receive one block at a time, which comes in various shapes and the goal is to align them correctly. However, this sounds easier than it is.

AardbloxX Gameplay Screenshot

First, this is overhead so for those use to Tetris or Puzzle Fighter type games getting use to the overhead view takes so getting used to. Honestly, you really need to be a puzzle game lover or you might get frustrated, but if you like puzzle games this is a great challenge mainly because of the 3D aspect.

While the game does show you what block is coming next and there is a 3D render of the field so you can see what you are doing, it does not mean you can easily plan your next move. The blocks you receive are random and as the game progresses the speed of which they fall will increase. What is great about this game is it does improve your spatial awareness and once you get the hang of the game it is fun and addictive.

AardbloxX Gameplay Screenshot

The game has some good music that goes along with the experience and features a two-player mode. If you really think you have mastered the game you can switch to the advance mode and you can even tweak the gameplay to your liking.

Overall AardBloxX is a fun and challenging puzzle game that will keep puzzle fans entertained for quite some time. You can purchase the game on X-Box Live for 80 Microsoft Points or try it out first with the trial edition.

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