Month: November 2009


Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Chemical Plant Zone

I also believe this zone had one of the easiest Robotnik bosses. On his stage Robotnik had you between two rotating platforms. He sucks up the chemicals from the pool below you and tries to dump them on you. The trick was to hit him while he was refilling his chemical tank. What many did not know at the time was if you had a second controller plugged in you could control tails. All you had to do is send tails after him while he filled up for an easy win.

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Game Reviews

J.A. Cares Issue: The Vampire Diaries

Have you ever seen the Twilight convention photos? I haven’t seen that many portly women since the great Sara Lee baked goods give-a-way of 2006. It’s like a World of Warcraft convention with plus sized females. There is a sea of pale white high fructose corn syrup enhanced women and then the one ninety-eight pound male emo twat that they surround like hyenas circling a carcass.

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