Troy Doerner: Cosplay Deviants


Name: Troy Doerner

Title: CEO of Cosplay Deviants

Author of: Undressing the Art of Playing Dress Up

Favorite Classic Game: Dragon Quest

Quote: My favorite classic game would have to be the original Dragon Quest. I remember playing it when I was younger and spending hours simply exploring what (at the time) was a massive open world. I also love the art of Akira Toriyama which helped so much more.

Undressing the Art of Playing Dress Up

About the book: Cosplay, dressing up as characters from pop culture, has swept fan conventions around the world. Now, explore the adult side of this popular phenomenon. This enormous collection of pin-up style photos provides a tantalizing look at sexy female cosplayers from around the world. They are not afraid to shed their costume to bring your character fantasies to life. Stepping away from the “booth babe” stereotype, Cosplay Deviants’ models are engrossed in nerd culture along with the fans who make up the community and appear as popular characters from gaming, comics, anime and manga, and science fiction. With a foreword by Edgar Munster, model interviews, and more than 360 images, you will see just what it means to undress the art of playing dress up.

About the Author: Troy Doerner started Cosplay Deviants in 2007 as a joke to spite a college professor. Since then, it has grown to the largest and most successful cosplay-based adult site on the web with more than 100 models in 7 countries around the world. ONce a cosplayer himself, Troy has been attending fan conventions since 2000 and has wond awards for both his costuming and photography. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife Kimberly

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