Second skin


The Interview: Peter Brauer: Second Skin

I started playing 13-15 hours a day, and didn’t do much else for a month or two. I had to seriously check my playing to start making the film. I don’t regret the time I spent playing, because I reconnected with a childhood friend who had moved to California. I just had to find the right balance between gaming and working. MMOs can affect player lives differently depending on how they play. We tried hard to show people who played positively.

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The Obsolete Gamer Show: Episode 6

Throughout the show we played clips from my interview with Sairys who was one of the couples featured in the documentary Second Skin. We talked about how she got introduced to the Second Skin guys and how she first joined her guild (also profiled in the film) The Syndicate. She told us a heart filled story about how members of the guild helped each other even in the saddest of times and recounted hers and Ebony’s (he boyfriend) fondest memory in a MMO.

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