Pax Prime Cosplay

Pax Prime is here and while we are not out in Seattle this weekend we have boots on the ground searching for the best cosplay out there. For now check out some awesome cosplay from past Pax Primes.


Cosplay: E3 2012

A buffet for the eye’s, ears and the mind. E3 is sensory overload on a massive scale. From the thousands of HDTV screens to the lovely booth babes, it is the place to be. Unfortunately, we did not make it there this year, but we are planning to make an appearance at ComicCon and Pax. For now, enjoy some images of Cosplay and Booth babes.


Cosplay: Avengers Assemble

This week’s Cosplay is dedicated to the awesome Avengers movie, if you haven’t seen it yet, go, it’s awesome. By the way, all these characters were in the Avengers comics at one time or another, trust us we looked it up to be sure.

You need to Grow Up

The title is fitting in a post titled, “Fappathon”, but this is about the idea that those who play games past a certain age need to grow up. Now with more and more people playing some form of games you do hear it less, but there are still many who see anyone past their low twenties playing a game and think that they need to grow up.

Sure, there are those who take it too far. If you are skipping work, neglecting your hygiene or health or your kids or education then fine. For most of us it is the same as watching television, talking on the phone or building a model airplane, (Do people still do that?).

Games are a form of entertainment just like anything else and one should not give it up because the reach a certain age. I think far too often we think becoming an adult means following the herd. Perhaps you were not made to be married with three kids, a crappy job and an angry wife by age 30. Maybe you will work in your office job playing PC games in your spare time and hopefully live a happy life.

No one should tell you how to enjoy your own time, again, unless you are hurting someone by doing so and I mean really hurting them. Your crazy girlfriend who thinks you should be spending your game time walking her pet cat Mr. Whiskers does not count. However, always remember to play with the pussycat or you won’t have a girlfriend for long.

Hold on to your balls my gamers and this goes for the girl gamers too who has that, one in a million weird boyfriend who hates on you for being a gamer girl. Dump him and call me, I co-own a gaming website. Seriously, though, everyone deserves to have the time to do what they enjoy and for many of us that is a video game. You don’t have to completely understand why we like it, we will never understand why you love Jersey Shore, but we hold our nose as we go in the next room so do us a favor and just do the same when we load up Diablo 3.

Now, on with the Fapp.


Cosplay: Superheroine

The end of Video Game Stores?

The question many have is will there still be video game stores within the next five years. I think the answer is yes, but how many will there be and how will they look? When more and more people began ordering their comic books online or even reading them there some comic book stores took a hit.  However, there was still that loyalty and personal touch that keep people going in. Perhaps that is what will happen with video game stores.

With outlets like Steam, Origin and Windows Marketplace there are less and less reasons to buy a game at a retailer. Sure, some people want the box or items inside be it manuals or a collector’s addition and that is the same as the comic book customer who wants to be there in the store picking out their comic, looking for new ones and talking shop with the people there.

Now big chain stores that sell other items will still keep major hits in stock because someone will buy a game while picking up an HDTV, but what about the chain video game store? We have already seen many close, but thanks to reselling of old games and the need to quickly by a controller or battery I could see a good number of them surviving. Perhaps we will see a merger where video game stores offer more as less people will have media to trade in.

So is this a good thing, to be able to get your media online at any time or do you need to have the disk in your hand and know you can return it or trade it in? With the new consoles coming out rumor is that disks are on the way out and soon everything will be downloadable in one manner or another. How many of you would notice, how many would care?

On with the Cosplay.


Cosplay: Counterattack

No we won’t rename Fappathon!

It kind of saddens me that I even have to write this, but like the signs put on coffee warning you that it is hot you have to know who some of your audience is. There have been some comments about Fappathon where people think they are being lessened to just a piece of meat and even the name is offensive.

We get that, but just like the website name, you need to look at what is really being said. As far as the website, it should be obvious we do not think these great games are obsolete in any sense of the word. However, by most people they are looked upon that way. Try talking about a classic game that either doesn’t have a remake or isn’t Pac-Man and see how many most modern gamers know about.

Our goal is to bring together classic gamers from all walks of life so hopefully we can all reminisce and even enjoy these classic games again because there are so many great games that even though they may be ten or twenty years old are worth playing.

As far as Fappathon, I came up with the name after writing for SpoonCraft, which is a World of Warcraft and MMO news site. We used to laugh because so much traffic would come from posts where he would post pictures of hot women while some great news articles and editorials received little. We joked that they must log on at 3am for a Fapp session and from that, Fappathon was born.

We wanted to focus on mainly video game cosplay and it is not just about how hot the woman is, it is also about the costume itself. We understand all the work that goes into a costume and believe me we pass up or reject a ton of pictures so think of being featured in an article like showing up in a popularity list.

Obviously with a picture post it will be hard to show how much we are into video game related cosplay, but believe me, we are. As far as mixing men and women or creating an all-male Fappathon, we have a standing call out to our female writers that if they are interested in putting together one we will be happy to publish it. However, at the end of the days we are a bunch of geeks so you won’t be seeing male Fappathon’s from me.

One last thing, the Anti-Fapp on our sister site Obscure Internet, that is totally to troll you bad cosplayers and we do not apologize for that. As a big guy myself I am not going to dress up in tight spandex unless I want to be trolled. You put yourself out there, you deal with the peanut gallery, it is a truthism of the internet.

Now on with the Cosplay!


Cosplay: PAX East 2012

A super-sized edition of the cosplay this week featuring pictures of cosplay from Pax East 2012. It seems the report about banning cosplayers was not quite 100%, however we did find a lot of cosplayers that would make it into the anti-fapp so stay tuned to our sister site Obscure Internet for that one. For now, enjoy the Fapp!


Military Cosplay: Call of Booty

This week Cosplay is dedicated to all the cosplay donning their military garb. It doesn’t matter if it is from Call of Duty, Battlefield, G.I. Joe or even Anime if you look good in it we are all for it.


Cosplay: Old Rub-Public

Oh the puns keep flying! So the staff is still taken over by Old Republic and with the announcement of more content it seems little work will get done. The good news is the cosplay department works all night long! This time we bring you Cosplay from the Star Wars universe and not just a bunch of Princess Leias either.



Cosplay: Ghost Protocol

For our final Cosplay of 2011 we feature Nova from Starcraft. Our sexy ghost is ready to drop a nuke on you.




Cosplay Profiles: Princess Daisy

Ah, the other princess in the Super Mario world. Daisy first showed up in Super Mario Land, but since then she has appeared in many other titles including the racing, sports and party games.

A little known fact is that Princess Daisy is considered a tomboy. On to the Cosplay.



Cosplay: Blizzcon 2011

This weekend is Blizzcon 2011 and there are already a ton of great cosplay out there. Here are some images from day one of Blizzcon 2011’s lovely cosplayers.



Cosplay Profiles: Bayonetta

Even if you did not like the Sega button mashing action game most guys did not have a problem with the leading lady. This week we profile the goddess of angel killing Bayonetta.

On to the Cosplay.


Cosplay Profiles: Princess Zelda

Well excuses me princess! All us Zelda fans loved fighting to save the princess even if she did not give up the cookie. The great thing about Zelda cosplay is you really get to don a great costume. Here are some cool Zelda cosplay images from players around the world.

Sad fact: Many people confuse Link with Zelda.


Cosplay: Viewers Choice

This week we asked fans on our Facebook page what cosplay would they like to see and these are the results. Enjoy!