Free Stuff – Pure Pwnage

Pure Pwnage logo
Pure Pwnage logo

Pure Pwnage is the show about the “uber gamer”. If you don’t know Jeremy and his friends, you’ve been missing out. The show is about The Pwner, an uber gamer that has no life and is worse than a Korean Gamer. He owns at every kind of game but really shines in RTS games. The show is about Jeremy and his friends and how they deal with being hardcore gamers when all the normal people in the real world try to bring them down. Get a job? WTF. Cooking food, oh you mean crafting food… that kind of stuff.

The link to watch the entire show on hulu the show is Click here for the main website of Pure Pwnage.

Free Stuff: Ultima V: Revisited

Ultima V - Gameplay Screenshot
Richard Garriott‘s Ultima V (this is indeed a 5) is an ultra classic, albeit dated, RPG. One of the rare gems of the late 80s and one of the first PC games I (or anyone else for that matter) ever enjoyed, in the long forgotten era of CGA graphic cards and 8088 based PCs. Contemporary and especially younger gamers would never be able to understand how grand such a game could feel, even though they would surely appreciate Ultima V: Lazarus.
Ultima V - Gameplay Screenshot 2


Ultima V: Lazarus is a 500+Mb total conversion mod based on the Dungeon Siege engine, created by the (aptly named) Lazarus Team. Not only an impressive audiovisual update, but also an expansion and overall enhancement of the original, Ultima V: Lazarus is a must-download for every (Computer)RPG connoisseur. Download it from the official site.

Free Stuff: Solipskier


Once in a while a game will come along that comes out for all platforms and I am including phones in this that will simply be either a hit or extremely fun or both. Yeah, we all know other games like Angry Birds but there’s ton of other games out there that are fun as well!

Today for Free Stuff we give you Solipskier. The game consists of you guiding a skier, trying to reach certain gates as fast as possible (at the highest speed possible). You can get higher scores by making the skier go airborne while passing the gates.

You can play the game for free at the site I posted or you can also buy the app for your iPhone or Android phone.

This game is brought to you by Mikengreg which filled out a gamer profile here, where Greg Wohlwend from Mikengreg was talking about his favorite game Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire.

Free Stuff: Zophar’s Domain – Home to all Emulators

Zophars Domain logoFree Stuff: Zophar’s Domain – Home to all Emulators

Many of us grew up playing on many different platforms and systems. Whether you were a computer person or a console gamer, it probably has been many years since that was our main gaming platform. Just because we are now playing on modern computers and consoles doesn’t mean that we won’t get the urge to play a classic game from a dead system of our younger days. That’s where emulators come in, and Zophar’s Domain has EVERY emulator you can think of from any platform to any platform.

Zophar’s Domain Logo

Whether you use a Windows PC, a Linux system, BeOS, an Apple, an Amiga, a console, a phone, or a calculator, if there is an emulator for it so that you can run old computer or system like a Commodore 64, a Commodore Amiga, a Sinclair Spectrum, an Atari console or computer, a 3DO console, a Turbo Grafixx 16, arcade (MAME always comes to mind), any Nintendo or Sega system (ZNES and Genecyst always come to my mind when I think of emulators for these), or some rarer ones, Zophar’s Domain will have them if they exist (usually).

As a quick summary, usually when you want to emulate something you need a properly installed emulator and you’ll need a bunch of ROMs (think of them as disk/cartridge images for games/software/etc, depending on the platform). Now, although Zophar’s Domain will give you the emulators you need and you have every right to emulate software that you have already bought before, the legality of sharing ROMs is not as clear. For that reason, you will NOT find ROMs at Zophar’s Domain but it’s really easy to find them, even using google these days or torrents.

So… fire up a good emulator and relive part of your childhood once again! Either click the name Zophar’s Domain above or click here. If you’re too lazy to install an emulator on whatever it is you use or are worried of the legality of it, you can always go to our arcade section and play an emulator directly from Obsolete Gamer.


Fallen Earth logo
Fallen Earth logo

This holiday season, developers of the massively multiplayer online game, Fallen Earth have partnered with leading hardware providers AMD, Patriot Memory, Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake to host a festive giveaway for new and existing players. With plans to gift a fully loaded, custom Fallen Earth PC and iPhone 4 device, survivors won’t want to miss out!

Celebrating the holiday in style, the full line-up of prizes include one Grand Prize of a fully loaded, custom braded Fallen Earth PC, decal set, BattleMat gaming mouse pad and in-game Interceptor; one Early Bird Prize consisting of a custom branded Fallen Earth iPhone 4, decal set, BattleMat gaming mouse pad and in-game interceptor; and 10 additional prize packs of a Fallen Earth BattleMat gaming mouse pad, decal set and in-game Badland Rider!

To enter, players may visit to enter and start playing. One entry can be earned each day a player logs into the Fallen Earth game through January 7, 2011.

The Early Bird Prize winner and five additional prize pack winners will be randomly selected from a list of all players who have entered and logged in between December 9-19. The Grand Prize winner and the remaining five prize pack winners will be randomly selected from a list of all players who have entered and logged in between December 9 and January 7.

New players are invited to participate and the developers have temporarily extended the free trial to 30 days through January 7. Name, email and active Fallen Earth game account are required for entry.

To enter, visit:

For the full rules and regulations, visit:

Download a free, 30-day trial here:

About Fallen Earth, LLC

Formed in 2003, FALLEN EARTH, LLC is a special purpose entity born out of Icarus Studios dedicated to the production of the independently produced and published, massively multiplayer online game (MMO) unlike any other, Fallen Earth. Set in the Grand Canyon in 2156 and mixing first-person shooter-style action with role-playing game design, Fallen Earth allows players to explore a post-apocalyptic world through crafting, trading, and scavenging. Fallen Earth is co-developed with Icarus Studios using the patented technology xScape Platform and available exclusively for the PC. Fallen Earth is rated “M” for “Mature” by the ESRB.

Free Stuff: Teen Agent

Teen Agent
Teen Agent

Good Old Games is giving away the classic point-and-click adventure detective game Teen Agent.

Great game to play if you like adventure games which happen to be hiliarious. 😉

You can get the full game here at this link. Enjoy it!

Obsolete Gamer T-Shirt Contest Ended

Obsolete Gamer Shirt
Obsolete Gamer shirt

The Obsolete Gamer T-Shirt Contest ended and the winners were Jeffrey Patrick and Phil Onitsuka. Gentlemen, let me know what size shirt you want. I have 2 XL Obsolete Gamer shirts already made but if you need a different size let me know. Send me an email or text me with your address so I take it to you or ship it to you. Thank you for your support and participation.

Another contest will be coming soon, this one with 3 winners and better prizes! I decided to give the first contest 2 winners rather than one at the last minute. Why not? 😀

Free Stuff: DOSBox

DOSBox Logo
Dos Box logo

If you are a fan of classic PC gaming (pre-windows era) then you need to have and use DOSBox, especially since it’s free and there’s hundreds of DOS games legally free all over the internet.

You can download DOSBox for free at its main site here. You can adjust the speed of the game using hotkeys and it’s not just for gaming. I’ve ran a bunch of DOS applications that banks, doctors, lawyers, and accounting clients of mine still use that are from the DOS days. It’s the best legacy program I know. This is one of the top favorite programs of the Obsolete Gamer Staff.

You can get many free games from Abandonia and Home of the Underdogs.

Get out there and get them!

Free Stuff: Souleye’s Music

Souleye Digital Music
Souleye Digital Music

If you love tracker & chip music, including the soundtrack of the awesome game VVVVVV, you will enjoy Souleye’s music website! Click here to visit his site.

Music is available in tracker (MOD, S3M, IT, XM), mp3, and ogg file formats, for your listening pleasure!

Fury of the Furries OST

Fury of the Furries OST
Fury of the Furries OST

Frédéric Motte is cool enough to share the entire soundtrack for Fury of the Furries in mp3 format for free!

Click here to get the OST directly from Frédéric Motte’s site! The soundtrack for this game is classic, classic Amiga music! 😀

If you don’t know what Fury of the Furries is click here to read our review of it!

Free Game – Hydorah

Free Game – Hydorah

In the spirit of 8 and 16 bit side scrolling shooters comes Hydorah, a free game from Locomalito.


The game is a lot of fun and plays a lot like NES/c64/Amiga games of this style like Gradius, Life Force, Disposable Hero, and Project X.

Upgrades, bosses, the usual!

You can download the full game here.

Just download the ISO and mount the game with your favorite virtual image program such as DaemonTools, Alcohol 110%, or PowerISO.

Thanks goes out to Joern Ashes for the recommendation!

Portal is Free!

Portal Logo
Portal Logo

Portal is Free!

Until May 24th, Portal is now free. The game is short and most people can beat it in a few hours, so it’s worth checking out this short classic before the free period runs out, if you don’t have it already.

Portal is available for PC and for Mac.

Click here to get the game free and play it now.

Free Stuff – Programs by Keldon Jones

Race For The Galaxy computer version
Race For The Galaxy computer version

Free Stuff – Programs by Keldon Jones

If you visit Keldon’s website you will find many useful game related programs he wrote.

Click here to visit his site.

In this sub-site, he wrote a program that let’s you check and compare scores between you and your friends for Rock Band or Rock Band 2, using different statistical filters.

Following this link, you will find MAngband, a real-time multiplayer version of the roguelike game Angband.

If you like card games, he also wrote computer versions of some recent card games.

At this link you will find his computer, single-player version of the space expansion, domination card game Race For The Galaxy. If you don’t know the rules he includes links to read the rules at the Rio Grande Games website.

At this other link he does the same except this time with the card game Blue Moon.

At the following link he created an online dice result simulator for the game Descent.

Neat programs not just for fans for roguelike games but also for overall gamers like me that don’t just play video games but also board and card games. Enjoy and thanks to Keldon for his great programs.

Free Stuff – Lure of the Temptress

Lure of the Temptress
Lure of the Temptress

Free Stuff – Lure of the Temptress

If you love old point-and-click graphic adventure games then you will enjoy playing Lure of the Temptress for free from Good Old Games.

This game was like previous graphic adventure games except that the NPC characters would go about doing their own thing, even if you didn’t interact with them. That’s a very cool factor in a game, and even many games these days don’t have that.

You get the full game and the manual from this version.

Click here to download the full free game from Good Old Games.

Free Stuff: Death Rally full game

Death Rally
Death Rally

Free Stuff: Death Rally full game

Remedy Entertainment, creators of Max Payne 1 and 2 are offering the full game of Death Rally for free. The game is a top down racing combat game similar a little to Vangers and Burnout (except not 3D).

The game is pretty fun, even for an old game. You race based on what difficulty you pick each time and get money based on how good you did. You keep buying better cars and upgrades both for performance and different weapons as well.

You can download the full game by clicking this link.

Chris Taylor is NUTS

Chris Taylor talking to his chicken
Chris Taylor talking to his chicken

Chris Taylor is NUTS

No… seriously.

Game development is like raising chickens.

Chris and I were chatting last night about hookers, pr0n, Back to the Future, killing braincells…

I’m surprised the facebook thought police didn’t arrest us.

Nut contamination is not an issue at Gas Powered Games.

No workers are safe.

Melee combat is a hobby.

Just some crazy shit for you to think about every time you fire up any Gas Power games like Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation, etc.

Chris is our hero.

Keep checking up on his insanity at the Gas Power Games youtube channel here.

Free Stuff – Fallen Earth Free Product Keys!

Fallen Earth logo
Fallen Earth logo

Everyone loves stuff for free and the folks over at are giving away free product keys for Fallen Earth. There are limited number of keys in fact as of this posting there are just a little more than five hundred keys left so head over to their giveaway page here , and claim your keys.


MMORPG will be giving away one Fallen Earth product key per person to the first 2,000 people who register for a key. The product key giveaway is open to anyone, but you may only activate and use one of the free product keys from MMORPG if you:

  • Have not logged in to Fallen Earth within the past 60 days using a subscription and/or trial account.
  • Do not have access to the game based on a paid subscription.

To activate one of the free product keys, you will need to follow the instructions provided with your key to create your Fallen Earth account. Upon activation, you will be asked to select a subscription plan and associated payment method, but will not be charged until your free 30 days are up, at which point you may decide to cancel your plan or continue playing. The key must be activated by 11:59 p.m. EST, GMT-4, on March 31, 2010. If you haven’t activated your account, you will not be able to take advantage of the free 30 days of gameplay.

Free Stuff – Beneath A Steel Sky

Beneath A Steel Sky box
Beneath A Steel Sky box

Free Stuff – Beneath A Steel Sky

Our friends at Good Old Games are offering the full Windows XP & Vista converted version of Beneath A Steel Sky for FREE.

I first head of Beneath A Steel Sky when I mainly used to play games on my Amiga. I unfortunately was not able to play it at the time because I only had the version for the Amiga 1200 available to me and my simple Amiga 600 could not handle it.

The game is a cyberpunk/dystopia futuristic adventure game where the protagonist is trying to pursue the truth in that kind of a sinister setting.

Dave Gibbons, which worked on the Watchmen and Rogue Trooper comics, created much of the art and the setting for this game.

You can download the full game here from

Free Stuff – Rad Video Tools (Bink Video Player & Converter)

Bink Video logo
Bink Video logo

Free Stuff – Rad Video Tools (Bink Video Player & Converter)

Rad Video Tools is a free player and coverter that gives you total control over and bink (bnk) and smacker (smk) video and sound files for any game that uses that compression technology. You can use the tool to play any video in the game that is one of those files, export the music or sounds from such games, convert the movies to AVI files, etc.

Don’t think that only old games use the technology. Even Mass Effect 2 uses Bink movie files.

You can download the free tool/program here:

Overclocked Remix

Overclocked Remix
Overclocked Remix

Free Stuff – Overclocked Remix, home of video game remixing

Overclocked Remix is one of the best websites in the world for video game music remixes. You can find almost any game music remixed at the site. Whether you are looking for NES music or Sega Genesis or old DOS games or whatever, you will most likely find any remix on the site, usually if a remix does exist for it.

The link to Overclocked Remix is the following:

Free Stuff – First 3 original Command & Conquer games

Command & Conquer free game
Command & Conquer free game

Free Stuff – First 3 original Command & Conquer games

Electronics Arts has released the original Command and Conquer game, Red Alert, and Tiberian Sun (and its expansion) for free. If you’ve never played these games now you can check them all out for free.

Of these, C&C and Red Alert are my favorite.

In C&C, you will love the obelisk of light and the commando unit. “Got a present for you!!!”

You will love the wacky alternate history in Red Alert.

You can get all 3 games at the following site:

Free Stuff – Lineage II 14-Day Trial

Lineage 2 free trial
Lineage 2 free trial

The folks over at NCsoft have announced that the 14-day free trials for Lineage II. The free trial limits characters to reaching level 40 on up to three characters, but will save your data so that you can continue the same character or characters should you decide to keep playing after the trial by subscribing for a monthly account.

What is Lineage II?

The world of Lineage II is a war-torn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. The young king Raoul has successfully quenched a civil war and established the newest kingdom, Aden. Elmore, the military superpower located in the northern part of the continent, boasts that it is a direct descendent of ancient Elmoreden kingdom. Gracia, located across the ocean on the west, is currently embroiled in a chaotic battle among blood relatives trying to take over the throne. These kingdoms share a delicate balance of power; however, within each kingdom they are vulnerable to internal strife, as each manor has strong desire for self-rule.

You have been thrown into this chaos. However, unlike the ordinary people who pray each day for safety, you have the power to protect yourself. In Lineage II, developing a character is not an end in itself. Rather, it is your instrument to obtain the power to enforce your will in this world. Seize your destiny! Your own hand will write the history of this world.

The trial is hassle free, requiring no credit card details. Simply download, sign up, and play!

Get started here!, World of Game Music

Mirsoft logo
Mirsoft logo

Free Stuff –, World of Game Music

If you are looking for the best collection of old video game music, has what you are looking for. You will find most MOD file music for most Amiga games and early to mid 90s DOS and Windows games as well. You can also find a ton of MIDI music from games such as Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, etc.

The link to the site is the following:


Bejeweled screenshot
Bejeweled screenshot

Bejeweled review by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:

“Another classic puzzle game for the masses.”

Overall Score:
8 out of 10


This is a pure, straight up puzzle game.

The point of the game consists of getting 3 or more of one jewel type connected in a row or column and then the game eliminates it. When that happens more jewels drop in taking up the same amount of space from the top of the screen. The more jewels you make disappear at a time, the more points you get.

There are two game modes, one that is the normal mode and the time mode.

Under the normal mode, you have unlimited time and you have to fill up the bottom bar in order to go to the next stage/level. I find this one to be more laid back and strategic.

Time mode gets pretty hectic. You are still trying to get as many in a row/column as possible but the bar at the bottom is going down constantly. You still have to fill the bar up to move on to the next level, which will make the game harder as the time bar will go down faster.

The point to leveling up is that the higher the level, the higher the score multiplier is for any combos you do. In other words, you will get more points per jewel that disappears.

Fun Factor:

This is a simple game yet it’s very entertaining. I prefer the normal (stategic) game mode the most as opposed to the hectic time mode. This game will keep you interested and it’s a great way to wake up and put your thinking cap on. The game might seem simple but there are subtle strategies for you to learn once you’ve played a bunch of games in a row.

This game keeps my interest as far as puzzle games go and I’m sure you will feel the same. Fun Factor gets a score of 9 out of 10.

Difficulty Versatility:

The more you play the game, the harder it gets. It might not necessarily seem like it but you will find yourself more limited with initial combos once the new level spawns. Overall, if you find the game too easy, you can simply play it in time mode, which is much harder.

You start each game at level 1 and there is no way to artificially manipulate this, so you will go through the same difficulty curve every time. The higher the level you go higher then chance you have of dying simply from running out of moves. Once that happens, it’s game over and there is no continue.

I give Difficulty Versatility a score of 7 out of 10.


You can opt out to play the game online for free from the Popcap games website or you can buy the game for a few dollars.

The version that I played/own I got through Steam for $1-2 when it was on sale and I bought a huge package of PopCap Games. The link to the version I reviewed is the following (through Steam):

You can play the free version through this link:

PopCap Games for Free

They sell Bejeweled there and it’s sequels as well. Most sell for $8-12, for PC and handheld systems/phones.

Considering the replayability value of the game, it’s worth at least getting the basic game or even playing the free ones through a web browser. Since the game is basically free or within the price of a budget title, the game gets a Value score of 10 out of 10.


This game is VERY addictive. Considering I was going to replay Civilization 4 for the billionth time to submit a review and I’ve been just playing this game over and over, I would say it’s VERY replayable (addictive).

Other than to be a great time killer, for me the replayability comes into trying to one up my old high scores.

The game helps me think about my strategies within the game and real life problems while I play it, so it’s relaxing and that keeps me playing often.

Replayability gets a score of 1o out of 10.


The sounds are simple but they are enough for this game. The best sound effect is the robotic voice of the announcer which makes it sound like an old video game. Sound gets a score of 5 out of 10.


The music for the version I played, Bejeweled Deluxe sounds like classic amiga mod music and a lot like the music of other games that also use MOD files such as Uplink. It has a very oldskool feel and I always love that. There is one song for each game mode and it loops over and over but that keeps me focused. You can always lower the volume if it bothers you and play an external mp3 file if you want by alt-tabbing.

I enjoy the songs in the game. I think Music deserves a score of 8 out of 10. Some people might want more than 2 songs for the whole game.


The graphics are pretty spartan but this game is designed to run on any computer and not require a lot of money in hardware invested. The graphics look like enhanced c64 or Amiga graphics. I don’t expect a game like this to go all out on graphics as people will play it for it’s puzzle aspect, not to look at eye candy. Graphics get a score of 5 out of 10.


The game has never crashed after 30 hours of gameplay. I would declare it’s pretty rock solid. I’ve never seen the logic of the game get stuck in any game either. Stability/Reliability get a score of 10 out of 10.


Controls don’t get simpler than this game. You just left click on what jewel you want to shift and left click on the destination. The jewel will either move up, left, right, or down (not diagonal moves allowed). Once that happens, the game calculates what stuff disappears and you keep playing. It can’t get any simpler than that. Anybody can pretty much play this game. Controls get a score of 10 out of 10.


Any version of this game run perfect on any computer, phone, hand held, etc. Performance gets a score of 10 out of 10.

My history with this game:

I got this and a bunch of other games through the Steam sale they had in December 2009. Although I know you can play the games for free on the website, since I find them very entertaining, I didn’t mind paying for them and getting the versions that had the enhanced music/graphics.

These are the kinds of games I’ve been playing whenever I take a break from playing a big game.

Free Stuff – PopCap Games

PopCap Games logo
PopCap Games logo

Free Stuff – PopCap Games

If you love puzzle games and specifically free ones then visit the website of PopCap Games and have fun! Some of my favorites are Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, Big Money, Chuzzle, and Bejeweled. These games might seem simple but they are the kind of games that improve your logic skills.

The website for Popcap Games is the following:

Free Stuff – The Ur-Quan Masters, the Star Control II remaster

Ur-Quan Masters title screen
Ur-Quan Masters title screen

Free Stuff – The Ur-Quan Masters, the Star Control II remaster

Ur Quan Masters is the remaster of Star Control II, one of the best space games of all time! Get it NOW for FREE!

The game has two sides of it. It has an EPIC campaign game which basically consists of fighting against time in a race to save the universe from being consumed by a deadly threat. This is all done in the humor style of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The melee (arcade) mode consists of you playing any kind of battle with any kind of ships vs any other kind of ships either you against the computer or against your friends on the same computer or system.

Get it NOW. This is just about the best free game out there.

There are versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Linux, BSD, and also versions for handhelds.

You can download whatever version you want here:

Free Stuff – Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing ... moxie baby YEAH!!!!
Kingdom of Loathing … moxie baby YEAH!!!!

Kingdom of Loathing is the ultimate play at work FREE MMO! The game is web based and it’s a total trip. The money system in the game consists of MEAT. The crafting system is basically making real alcoholic drinks and you gain bonuses by getting liquored up. The graphics are stick figures and drawings that are like made by little kids but what can you expect for FREE, ya cheap bastard! You can play the game at the following link:

Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST

Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST
Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST

Free Stuff – Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST

If you love war music and music that is similar to Dawn of War music then you will love the music of CoH Songs From The Front. This sound track is pretty epic, as is the game! You can download this entire soundtrack for free from this link: CoH Songs From The Front

Free Stuff – The Guild

The Guild - Do You Want To Date My Avatar
The Guild - Do You Want To Date My Avatar

The best online comedy show about MMO guild drama.

You might have already have heard of it or seen it with the viral “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?” music video.

And they have a new funny video in the style of Bollywood, “Game On”

Free Stuff – Play Value, the history of video games

Play Value Logo
Play Value Logo

If you want to learn in general about the history of video games, check out this web mini show made by On Networks called Play Value. From the 50s to Atari to Nintendo to Commodore to Sega to Sony and Microsoft, it covers pretty much most major events.

The music of CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright

CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright
CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright

Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE has been a significant musical influence in the gaming world. Now… enjoy much of his music for free! Check out this link. He is mainly known for his work on the soundtrack of many of the Wipeout racing games that are classic racing games on Playstation. His intense music works well with these fast racing games.