How Do You Improve Classic Casino Games?

Many casino games have basically stayed the same over the decades. The likes of roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat have remained the same for decades. There a number of reasons for this, of course: The casino industry is steeped in old world tradition; the games rules have been worked out mathematically to give the casino a narrow edge, but also to allow players to hone strategies; above all, the games have stood the test of time, becoming iconic, and that makes it almost sacrilegious to mess with them too much.

However, in every industry there is always room to improve upon a classic. It’s the reason why we eagerly await the next Call of Duty or GTA game, and don’t simply play the original release over and over again. It’s the reason why the live-action remake of The Lion King will exceed a billion dollars at the box-office, even though the original movie is a beloved classic.

Many variants of classic games

Because of the sheer number of casino games found online (a major online casino will have 500 or more unique titles), there is, of course, some variations among the different genres. Classic versions are popular, but there are also many reboots and reworked games with a twist. Moreover, modern technology has allowed for lots of cool effects, like 3D roulette or interactive slots.

But can you improve on a classic? One would argue that it can be done, as long as the main elements that made the game popular in the first place are retained. Take, for example, blackjack, which has maintained its popularity at casinos for decades.

Why do people like blackjack? You can’t say with any certainty, but you can guess that a number of elements make it popular with casino players. For a start, it’s easy to play – you can learn in a couple of minutes. But the strategy behind the game is also easy to perfect; card counting isn’t as difficult as the portrayals in Rain Man or the Hangover.

Classic blackjack has relatively low returns

Yet, there are downsides to blackjack. For instance, it does not yield big payouts comparable to your bet. For that reason, games like Progressive Blackjack, like we saw at, can be viewed as an improvement, because it retains everything that makes blackjack popular, but has a side bet attached to the game with which you can win a massive progressive jackpot.

A similar story can be told for roulette, another casino classic which has remained the same for decades. Games like Age of the Gods Roulette and Superman Roulette retain everything you would expect with a roulette game, they are tweaked just enough with progressive jackpots and bonus games to make experienced roulette players choose them over the classic versions.

The key, as you might expect, is to maintain the essence of the original game, but add something special into the mix – like a huge jackpot. If you mess with the formula too much, the game won’t have the same allure as the original. Can we draw comparisons from other entertainment genres? Sure. Countless movie and game sequels lost the essence of what made the original popular in the first place.

If you do visit an online casino, then, it is worth remembering that the classic games are not necessarily the best. Of course, it’s about taste, but it might also be worth checking out games with a slight twist that could better suit your strategy.

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