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He-Man and She-Ra – A Christmas Special

Picture of DVD caseHe-Man was big favourite of mine when I was young, so when I saw that the characters from the “He-Man” and “She-Ra” cartoons had come together for a special cash in holiday episode DVD he new I had to watch it, and review it for you.

Adora has returned to Eternia (where strangely enough it is snowing) to celebrate her and her twin brother’s, Adam birthday with her parents. She’s also brought a bunch of her wimpy girly friends (e.g. Mermista and Perfuma) from Etheria with her to join in the fun.

When Orko starts fucking about as usual, he launches Man-at-Arms’ new Sky Spy Rocket Ship, and somehow lands on Earth. Where he meets two extremely annoyingly cute children, Alishia and Miguel, who are lost in the woods. They join Orko in the Sky Spy to get out of the cold just as Man-at-Arms figures out how to bring the ship back to Eternia. Like good Christians the children proceed to share Christmas customs with their new friends.

Of course, Christmas with He-Man and She-Ra wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite villains Skeletor and Hordak who are commissioned by their boss, Horde Prime, to kidnap the children and deliver them to him rather than killing them which would obviously be too easy. �Horde Prime believes their “disgusting Christmas spirit” is polluting his universe. However Alisha and Manuel are so nauseating you do hope that Skelator and Horak would just murder the children anyway.

Skeletor and Hordak compete against each other to see who can kidnap the children first (which gives us an rare opportunity to see Hordak and Skeletor interact) which leads to children being in Skeletor for most of later half of cartoon.

Alishia and Miguel seem to have strange effect on Skeletor. When the kids refuse to leave a Manchine puppy behind, Skeletor does not destroy the dog with his staff as you would expect, instead her carries it. The puppy licks Skeletor’s jaws in thanks (or perhaps he quite rightly though it was a bone) while the children explain Christmas to him;

Manuel: “Christmas is lots of fun. We get presents and we do a lot of fun things.”
Skeletor: “You mean you get in FIGHTS!”
Alisha: “No we do FUN things.”
Skeletor: “But fights are FUN.”

Picture of He-Man She-Ra and SkeletorAfter this exchange Skeletor learns the true meaning of Christmas. It has such an effect on him that he wants to send the kids back home instead of sending them to Hoard Prime. Hordak attempts to grab the kids and pull them onto his spaceship but Skeletor zaps the ship with his staff (the one in his hand) and sends the ship hurtling into the cosmos. Skeletor considers the repercussions of this action while the children hug him and He-Man and She-Ra stands right next to him taking the piss.

Now that they have infected two planets with Christmas the kids go home back to their parents who are so relieved to see them they send them straight to bed without listening to what happened to the kids.

Picture of Adam Dress as SantaOverall, this Christmas special DVD is cheesy and horrible. The strange thing is it works very well especially the parts with Skeletor as stupid as it sounds it is extremely funny.

I give this four Man-At-Arms (out of Five)

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