Cosplay: Double Knockout

Before you point and laugh

I can understand why it is easy to point and make fun of people who dress-up and act out scenes from a movie, game or comic book. When standing in the cloak of herd it is easy to point to the people doing something different. Sure, we can look at the pretty women of cosplay and talk about how pretty they look, but take away the sexual component and cosplay often becomes the subject of ridicule.

Now believe me I understand that running around a public park yelling “Lighting Bolt!” would seem silly to a bystander, but have you been to a club lately. While I was in Vegas for CES I went to a few clubs and some of the people there were dressed and acting as silly as your wildest cosplay, but since it was in the context of club going it is accepted.

On the other hand taking cosplay out of its normal environment is not the best idea either. Years ago, there was a story about a woman who wore her Star Trek uniform to work and even wanted to go to court wearing it. In cases of the work-a-day world, I agree that cosplay and crazy club wear should be left at home.

However, look behind the costume and you will find someone who has found freedom. You will find someone who can let loose in his or her own way and enjoy what they care about and we should applaud that not mock it. Sometimes within the darkness of a club with a bit of liquid courage, a shy man or woman can become the life of the party. The same goes with donning a Batman mask or World of Warcraft suit of armor. Happiness is found when you do what you enjoy doing with those you want to experience it with. A smile is a smile, joy is joy, and nobody should try to take that away from you with harsh words or finger pointing.

In the end we all have something that we like that others may look down upon us for. The phrase Guilty pleasures does not always apply because you should never feel guilty or ashamed for liking something especially if it does not cause harm or discomfort to others. When you point and laugh at someone enjoying themselves you are causing harm not only to the person you are targeting, but yourself as well because that kind of action will lead you to stifle your own search for joy.

The next time you want to wear something obscure you may think twice because there just might be someone like you, a finger pointer, a laugher, waiting to rain on your parade. Consider that the next time you are about to point someone out and perhaps one day you will find an outlet to let loose and enjoy letting go.

All right, enough of my white horse soap boxing, on with the FAPP!

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  • January 14, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    Jesus, why are these articles getting to be less safe for work every time? ;-]

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