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You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. The common wisdom today is that customer service and tech support doesn’t care about their customers. I can understand that feeling because of things like massive outsourcing and stories of how dumb people think customers are. However, I can say truthfully that during my time in Customer and Tech Support we did everything we could to make people happy.

Now of course that was up to a point. We all knew our stuff and knew our products and since the company was small at the time it was easy to go check on a system personally. Everyone knew everyone so it was simple to ask that something be double checked, triple checked and so on.

You rarely hear from happy customers, but the angry ones last forever. In one instance we had a customer who built a system for her son. A few weeks after he received the system he said it was full of viruses and crashed and had software issues. After checking it out we told his mother it was due to lack of an anti-virus and the fact that her son was going to sites that let’s just say are known to carry viruses.

We that just didn’t sit well with the mother, she said it was our fault and her son is a saint and would never surf bad sites. We did clean up the system and had proof it was due to viruses, but we were not there to prove her wrong, we wanted to help. Unfortunately, we knew the future.

As the weeks went on we continued to hear from the customer about how the system was “broken again”. No matter how we tried to explain it we were in the wrong and her son was in the right. Then the lemon law talk started. Believe me, we tried everything including giving her free anti-virus software and even monitoring software, and still time after time he would call in saying his system “sucks”.

We agreed to have the system come in to do a full look over. At this time she wanted a new system, but we knew it was not something a new computer would fix. If nothing else we hoped to get the system in and set it up so that no matter where her son went the computer would not get infected. We eagerly awaited the systems arrival and when it came to our shipping depot the manager told us it seemed really heavy. When we went to look at it the box seemed fine, but when we opened it inside was tons of small to medium sized rocks and a note that just said Alienware rocks.

I won’t go into what happened next, but in the end it was proven her son did cause the issues. I doubt the mom forgave us, but you can’t win them all.

Alright, if you read all this thanks. If not, it’s okay. Now on to what you came here for.

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