Cosplay: Counterattack

No we won’t rename Fappathon!

It kind of saddens me that I even have to write this, but like the signs put on coffee warning you that it is hot you have to know who some of your audience is. There have been some comments about Fappathon where people think they are being lessened to just a piece of meat and even the name is offensive.

We get that, but just like the website name, you need to look at what is really being said. As far as the website, it should be obvious we do not think these great games are obsolete in any sense of the word. However, by most people they are looked upon that way. Try talking about a classic game that either doesn’t have a remake or isn’t Pac-Man and see how many most modern gamers know about.

Our goal is to bring together classic gamers from all walks of life so hopefully we can all reminisce and even enjoy these classic games again because there are so many great games that even though they may be ten or twenty years old are worth playing.

As far as Fappathon, I came up with the name after writing for SpoonCraft, which is a World of Warcraft and MMO news site. We used to laugh because so much traffic would come from posts where he would post pictures of hot women while some great news articles and editorials received little. We joked that they must log on at 3am for a Fapp session and from that, Fappathon was born.

We wanted to focus on mainly video game cosplay and it is not just about how hot the woman is, it is also about the costume itself. We understand all the work that goes into a costume and believe me we pass up or reject a ton of pictures so think of being featured in an article like showing up in a popularity list.

Obviously with a picture post it will be hard to show how much we are into video game related cosplay, but believe me, we are. As far as mixing men and women or creating an all-male Fappathon, we have a standing call out to our female writers that if they are interested in putting together one we will be happy to publish it. However, at the end of the days we are a bunch of geeks so you won’t be seeing male Fappathon’s from me.

One last thing, the Anti-Fapp on our sister site Obscure Internet, that is totally to troll you bad cosplayers and we do not apologize for that. As a big guy myself I am not going to dress up in tight spandex unless I want to be trolled. You put yourself out there, you deal with the peanut gallery, it is a truthism of the internet.

Now on with the Cosplay!


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