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Anyone that has seen me online, streaming or our video podcasts know that I wear glasses, so why am I writing a review for, Eagle Eyes 3 in 1 protection frames. The answer is because when I am out and about in Miami, I like wearing my contacts, but for me, my eyes are more sensitive when wearing them than with my normal transition lens and I found just any old pair of sunglasses doesn’t cut it. I also like writing and working on my PC in a dark room and I use three 32-inch monitors so while it is bright, it is what my mom used to call, bad light. Finally, the truth is, I am an older gamer and you start to see a bit of decline with eyesight like the look above your frames to read a text thing, so I wanted some added protection.

What attracted me to these frames was the fact that you could easily switch between the three types of lenses quickly. With traditional sunglasses as soon as you are in a dark room or it gets a little cloudy you take them off and I haven’t met anyone who wears sunglasses while gaming. The cool thing about these frames is they have tiny magnets on them which allow the other two frames to easy attach. I really like this because I hate smudges on my glasses so messing around attaching these would have been a pain, but they attach in a second. I tested it out just swapping between the lenses and it was quick and easy.

Now there is always a con right, nothing is perfect, and the truth is the frames themselves feel a little flimsy, but I dropped them (on accident I swear) and there was no issue. Now personally it is not an issue for me, it makes them super light on my face even with the attached frames which is what matters to me, but at the same time I understand it could be a bit firmer. The frames are pretty sturdy, they can bend, but don’t feel like they will break and are lightweight so no problem there.

Let’s talk about the three lenses. You have the base frame, which is called the DigiTech, this is for us computer users out there. Back in the day I could be gaming and surfing 24/7, but now as I am a bit older, I feel my eyes getting tired. I notice especially when writing, a bright white background in a dark room can be straining, but this pair features a crystal filter, micro-infused, optical-grade, anti-reflective lenses designed to block blue light emission from e-devices, computers and phones. These lenses help reduce eyestrain, squinting, fatigue and tired eyes, extending hours of visual tasks. I did my own test using my normal glasses for a day where I gamed, wrote a few chapters and watched some movies, then the next day I tried it with my contacts and the DigiTec and I did notice it took much longer for my eyes to feel strained which means I might actually get my next book done.

The next frame is extremely useful here in Miami and that is the TriLenium Blue-Light blocking polarized lenses. I admit, I heard of blue light but didn’t really know what it can do. I won’t go all into it, but pretty much blue light may increase the risk of macular degeneration because it penetrates all the way to your retina which can damage light-sensitive cells found there. These lenses block blue light and 99.9% harmful UVA & UVB, and allow in vision-enhancing light rays for optimum protection and visual acuity. I can best explain the vision enhancing when I went to the beach. With my normal glasses it is too bright and harsh. With my sunglasses, things can be a bit to dim. With these I didn’t feel the strain from the sun, but everything was still bright and clear which is great because there are a lot of beautiful people to see on our Miami beaches.

Now the last pair are the Night-Lite lenses. Night Driving lens addition features special non-polarized, micro-infused, optical-grade, anti-reflective lenses designed to filter out high-glare light from oncoming headlights and LED-lit signage. This is prefect for me as my day job is actually a night job so I spend time driving down I-95 at night, which is dangerous enough on it’s own, but glare from someone’s headlights, especially those who love to use bright lights, can be deadly. I really didn’t think night glasses would be a thing I needed, but when I tried them out the road seemed clearer and the light less harsh, but nothing was dimed or faded which is great because living in Miami is all about defensive driving.

So, let’s talk cost. When I do a review, I ask myself if I would actually buy the product because for me, it is not worth it to write about something I don’t care about or wouldn’t want. I have spent a good amount of money on cheap sunglasses. I was never the kind to buy $200 sunglasses, but I have gotten close to the $100 mark. These sit at about $100 and the fact that they are good for more than just the sun makes it worth it. The little pouch included holds all the additional frames and the price point is worth it to keep my eyes protected.

Whether you wear contacts or not these are worth checking out, they come in different styles and sizes and Eagle Eyes has a bunch of other eyewear that will fit what you are looking for.

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