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This week I have a real treat and probably a game many of you didn’t knew about. Defenders of Oasis is a Dragon Warrior(Quest now) RPG that involves a kingdom going at war. It’s the cliche storyline but wasn’t this what the games were and still are about back then. Who cares about a cliche story when you have such fun gameplay. This game is challenging in many factors but mostly in battle. I got killed five times at the first dungeon before I was able to get past it….yeah it’s a challenge at least for me.

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Furthermore, the game has decent music and good graphics for a game gear title. I suggest playing it with an emulator if you are having trouble looking at the game gear screen. I personally like playing it on my good old blue game gear rather than an emulator but that’s just me. After all, this game will cost you around fifteen dollars if you buy it off ebay but if you have the extra cash, I suggest picking it up.

Defenders of Oasis - Screenshot 2

To wrap things up, this game is nothing that great but also nothing that bad. It’s your typical RPG with RPG elements and RPG “stuff”. The characters also have Anime style characters which was something interesting back in the day.This game is a must have for any old RPG fan though, it’ll keep you entertained. There are not that many RPGs for the Game Gear to say the least and it’s a real shame….

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  • February 17, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    Nice to see some Final Fantasy like games for a Sega system.

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