Cosplay wars: Poison vs. Poison Ivy

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Cosplay wars: Poison vs. Poison Ivy

If you’re going to take something deadly you might as well get a double dose and with that in mind we bring you this week’s cosplay wars.

Representing Team one is the mystery of Metro City, sometimes called everything from a bewitching beauty to a new-half the “gurl” with the handcuffs and what might be a Adam’s apple, Poison.


On Team two we have the eco terrorist with the nice, err, you know what we can rhyme that with. Oh wait, this is Obsolete Gamer, we don’t give a shit. She got some nice titties, but she is batshit crazy. Don’t kiss this one, this girl is Poison Ivy.

So here is how it works. We searched for various images of cosplayers representing the two characters and selected ten for each team. You look them over and vote with your comments on which team won. Simple enough right?

So tell us, which cosplay team won, Team Poison or Team Poison Ivy?

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