Cosplay Profiles: Princess Daisy

Ah, the other princess in the Super Mario world. Daisy first showed up in Super Mario Land, but since then she has appeared in many other titles including the racing, sports and party games.

A little known fact is that Princess Daisy is considered a tomboy. On to the Cosplay.



Cosplay: Blizzcon 2011

This weekend is Blizzcon 2011 and there are already a ton of great cosplay out there. Here are some images from day one of Blizzcon 2011’s lovely cosplayers.



Cosplay Profiles: Bayonetta

Even if you did not like the Sega button mashing action game most guys did not have a problem with the leading lady. This week we profile the goddess of angel killing Bayonetta.

On to the Cosplay.


Cosplay Profiles: Princess Zelda

Well excuses me princess! All us Zelda fans loved fighting to save the princess even if she did not give up the cookie. The great thing about Zelda cosplay is you really get to don a great costume. Here are some cool Zelda cosplay images from players around the world.

Sad fact: Many people confuse Link with Zelda.


Cosplay: Viewers Choice

This week we asked fans on our Facebook page what cosplay would they like to see and these are the results. Enjoy!



Cosplay: Resident Yummy

Here is a quote on Shiva’s costume from Destructoid:

Ever since Resident Evil 5 released its first full trailer and caused controversy amongst the stupid people of the world, I have defended it from accusations of racial prejudice. However, looking at Sheva’s “sexy” unlockable costume, I have to admit that it does look a little bit racist.

As you can see from the provided pictures, this new costume comes complete with tooth necklace, neck bangles and tribal tattoos. All she’s missing is a bone through her nose and a boiling pot with a freshly captured white man in it. Soup’s on, and it tastes of racism!

While I maintain that the game isn’t racist, not least because Japanese people simply don’t seem aware of themselves when they stereotype other races (naivety is not the same as racism), I don’t think I’ll try and defend this one. I’ll just keep my inappropriate laughter to myself, and hope the “that’s racist zomg” crowd don’t get their hands on it.

My response as a black man:

I’d hit dat!

Now on with the Cosplay!



Cosplay: MMOs They’re Fapptastic!

MMOs have brought us many hours of great gameplay and it can also be a destroyer of lives. MMO’s have also brought us some great cosplay as seen below.



Cosplay: E3 2011

We had a great time at E3. There were a ton of lovely ladies, some in costume, some just plan hot and we made sure to get as many shots as we could to bring them to you so enjoy.

On to the cosplay.


Cosplay: Cataclysm in my Pants

Thank you for calling 1-800-Fappathon, we are not in the office right now. We are currently at E3 2011 getting fresh pictures for our next Fappathon Cosplay. Please enjoy these World of Warcraft pictures in the meantime and leave a message after the tone.



Cosplay: High School of the Dead

This week cosplayland is invaded by Zombies as we profile cosplay from the anime High School of the Dead.





Cosplay: Poison

Here is some information on the motivational poster I created from the wiki page for Poison of Final Fight:

Poison’s first appearance in Final Fight featured her and a palette swap character named Roxy as recurring minor enemies for the player to fight. Named after the band by an unnamed female employee at Capcom,she was designed by Akira Yasuda to contrast against the bigger characters in the game and move about randomly.According to the book All About Capcom Head to Head Fighting Games, the characters were originally planned to be female, but were changed to male transvestites (or more specifically “newhalfs“)due to the suggestion that “hitting women was considered rude” in America and the concern that feminist groups would sue.

I have three questions regarding this:

1 – Is hitting females not rude outside America?

2- Is hitting male transvestites not rude?

3- Do male transvestites not sue?

Alight, on with the Cosplay.



Cosplay: Princess Leia

One of the most personally requested cosplay outfits on the planet is Princess Leia and this cosplay spans generations. So we are proud to present this set of cosplay images showcasing the princess of the original Star Wars films.





Cosplay Profiles: Shadow


Obsolete Gamer is proud to have its first personal profile of a cosplay. Our first profile is of Jennifer a.k.a. Shadow who is a 26-year-old cosplay from Italy. She is a huge fan of video games and sent us images of one of her favorite cosplay outfits, Bayonetta.

If you are a cosplayer and would like to be features, drop us a line.



Cosplay: Naruto

In honor of the new intro for Naruto this week’s Cosplay is dedicated to the Naruto universe.

Cosplay: X-Pimp

I have been playing a lot of the classic superhero games from Spiderman and X-men or the original DC fighting game so in honor of that this week’s Cosplay is dedicated to Superheroes.

Cosplay: Mass Effect

I thought about doing something bad for April fools, but honestly if you are getting down to this then you are already fooled enough. On with the Cosplay.